A privacy focused social media based on matrix*

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* Still in Alpha, not ready yet for everyday use

Share freely

Easy to use

Share easely text, images to your friends.

React, comment the posts of your friends.

We support Markdown 🎉


Send End-To-End Encrypted posts so only your friends can see them


No central server. MinesTRIX is just an app.
Just use your regular Matrix server.

Chat securely

Easy to use

Share easely text, images to your friends.


End-To-End chats enabled by default.

Just works on your platform

MinesTRIX is cross platform and runs fast on all major platforms.






WEB (Experimental)

Dark theme ?

Of course! Which team are you ?

Your feed, your choice

You choose how your feed is sorted

Choose the way your feed is sorted. TODO

Don't miss your friends posts

The post filtering is done on your phone, in app.
The way the post are sorted is transparent.

No AdsNo Analytics

Don't be the product !
As there is no central server, we don't know who's using our app.

Built on matrix

Matrix - an open source protocol

Chat securely with your friends using the matrix protocol.

We are using the Matrix Dart SDK from Famedly.

Find your friends on matrix

Friends suggestion based on the friends of your friends.

🎉 Contribute

Spread the word

Tell your friends about it.

Know how to code ?

Fork it and create pull requests ! Our code is on gitlab.


(To come) We need help translating MinesTRIX in your language !!