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Minestrix Version 1.5.5

2022-04-22 - @henri2h


just did release V.1.5.5 today, this is the last update since a few months ago.

Phone view

Some of the changes are:

  • feat: compliance to the latest version of MSC3639: Matrix for the social media use case
  • feat: added images support for posts. You can now send multiple images in a post and display them in a gallery view.
  • feat: New emoji picker, you can now select and react to message in one continuous press.
  • feat: Comments nesting, (using threads)
  • feat: Image comment (read only :()
  • feat: Dark theme support
  • feat: New settings page (added a lab section :D, seems you need to have one if you want to build a proper Matrix client)
  • feat: proper emoji support for desktop. Thanks fluffychat :)
  • feat: Initial story support
  • feat: various UI enhancements.
Desktop view

Concerning the messaging feature:

  • feat: Initial poll support
  • feat: read only spaces support
  • feat: room list search box
  • feat: chat settings dialog
  • feat: read receipts list dialog
  • feat: reaction list dialog
  • feat: now use rounded avatar. Let’s be consistent with other clients.
  • feat: better display for replies and m.notice.
  • feat: Localization support thanks to the Matrix Dart SDK
The chat view

And some work already in for multiple profiles support, and profile as space (just use a public space to store your profile rooms).

If you are interested, come say hi in the room.

PS: You can also help us to design the underlying MSC, especially, we need some opinions on how to name things (the profile rooms) the room !!


Nov 26 Update

2021-11-26 - @henri2h

Hi all!!

Quick update on MinesTRIX (a privacy focused social media based on MATRIX). This week was focused on performance and stability.

  • Changed database to use Fluffybox, this should greatly improve performances on web (thanks Famedly !)
  • Scrolling through the posts of a profile now properly request history.
  • Friend suggestions are now sorted according to the sum of user appearance in all rooms. Naïve, but it’s the first step.
  • Chat page has also been redesigned. Now support replies and reactions. Chat settings now display room avatar and fetch user list from server.
  • Bug affecting MinesTRIX profile creation has been fixed. Login process should be way more stable now.
  • MinesTRIX rooms sync has been rewritten to take into account sync events to rebuild the list.
  • Debug page now allow forcing sorting rooms.
  • Various post display enhancement (links are now clickable, thanks kellya!)

Come chat with us !

TWIM Project announcement

2021-11-19 - @henri2h

Hi all!!

Today I want to showcase you MinesTRIX. MinesTRIX is a decentralized social media based on matrix. The goal is to create a privacy respectful social media using the power of matrix while trying to be as simple as possible.

Two Objectives

  • Showing that matrix could be used to build such a system.
  • Helping find your friends using matrix

Currently supported

  • Posting
  • Adding and accepting friends
  • Basic post management
  • Creating groups, posting and adding users to it
  • E2EE device verification (thanks FluffyChat !!)
  • Cross platform thanks to Flutter (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, MacOS, WEB)

Now what ?

  • Stability fixes
  • Finding a logo ;)
  • Bring sharing functionality for public groups.
  • Adding support for the Circle application.
  • Enhance the friends' suggestion algorithm (Currently it’s a really naïve one :D)
  • Add reactions for chats and posts

🚀 Demo

🏗️ Gitlab

📱 Chat